Many Christ-followers could give a good description of God, the Father and give an understanding of Jesus, the Son, but what about the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit may be the most misunderstood Person of the Godhead (the Trinity). We get glimpses of Him throughout the Bible as wind, smoke, fire, a dove, etc. but misunderstand His necessity. Who is the Holy Spirit? How important is the Holy Spirit? Jesus himself said in Acts chapter 1, that, before the church could move forward, they needed to be EMPOWERED. They were not to be empowered with a “what” but a “who.”

And that “who” is the Holy Spirit.

Week 6 | Equipped for Expectations

Dave Barringer

Week 5 | Ain't No Strings On Me

Dave Barringer

Week 4 | The Holy Spirit Is Not A Bird

Ty Buckingham

Week 3 | The Holy Spirit and Your Emotions

John Opalewski

Week 2 | Breaking the Fourth Wall

Dave Barringer

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