Something For Everyone


Groups are an amazing way to get involved at Kfirst.
Check out the Groups wall after service in the back of the Worship Center.

Kfirst Values Famlies

Throughout the year, we have events called Young Families Connect.
This is a great way for you and your family to meet other famlies at Kfirst.

Kids First

Kids are a big deal here at Kfirst. Kids First creates a safe and welcoming environment for kids of all ages.
It’s our mission to make it simple for kids to find and follow Jesus.

Kfirst Values Students And Kids

We believe in connecting kids and students to community.
We want your kids to feel like they belong at Kids First and REAL.
We create a space for them to connect with friends, Godly leaders and Jesus.


REAL exists to develop leaders who intentionally invest in the lives of a few
students over time, to help them build an authentic faith that lasts.

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