the Collective

the Collective The church is meant to be a “collective.” A community of people partnering together, individually distinct, but united to display the glory of God. In his shortest book, the Apostle Paul wrote about this subject to Philemon. This small letter brought a...


The word “whirlwind” is such a great metaphor to communicate the unpredictability of life. Sometimes one activity can shift you through a “whirlwind of emotions.” Other times…

Summer Reading List

There’s something about having a “reading list.” Usually, around the end of the school year, we see people posting about them or hear people talking about them…

Love from the Front Row

“Love can travel across what hate has divided.” Pastor Dave shares a timely message about the love of God.

REAL Student Sunday

The student ministry here at Kfirst, REAL, runs the service and leading worship with pastor Matt speaking.

From This Day Forward

Do you remember your wedding vows? Wedding vows are arguably the most important aspect of a wedding ceremony. They proclaim the feelings of your heart and…

Catching Foxes

People struggle with the chaos that happens around them in their everyday lives. From dealing with co-workers to everyday traffic to the circumstances that…

Easter 2017

Easter 2017 Listen to our Easter message as we celebrate our risen Savior!

Good Friday 2017

There were seven saying upon the cross. The ancient biblical language records, not only that these were the first words on the cross, but that they were repeated…

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