Dreams & Drama

A brother sold into slavery.
A slave who faced trials and temptation around every corner.
A prisoner innocent of any crime.
A wise man, full of integrity, who was elevated to a position of great influence amongst even his enemies.


Have you ever made a foolish decision and wished you had been wiser about it? If so, welcome to the club. We all have dealt with moments where we were caught at a crossroads feeling like we were being pulled in two different directions….


We all experience the world differently. Part of that is shaped by our context. This refers to your specific personality and the particular background that helped shaped you. There is much to make us distinct but…

Catching Foxes Vol. 2

People struggle with the chaos that happens around them in their everyday lives. From dealing with co-workers, to everyday traffic, to the circumstances that wait at home, we are surrounded with challenges. But most of the time…

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