REAL is all about the true GOD, the REAL life, and serving ALL.

REAL is for all students in grades 7 through 12. We get together every week on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Kfirst Ministry Center.  The doors open at 6pm.

Every Wednesday we encounter God, serve others, have fun and make great friends. We do this through live music, worship, games, videos, dramas, small group discussions, and real talks from God’s Word. 

Throughout the year, REAL offers tons of opportunities for students have fun, serve people, and connect with God. Some of REAL’s favorite events are: CHILL Winter Camp, Youth Convention, Cedar Point Trip, House Parties, Girls Chicago Trips, Guys LAN Parties, Taco Bell Sundays, Worship Nights, Local, Statewide & International Mission Trips, Facebook Live, and Beach Days.

To find out more about what's going on right now at REAL, click on a link below.

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