The word “whirlwind” is such a great metaphor to communicate the unpredictability of life. Sometimes one activity can shift you through a “whirlwind of emotions.” Other times, the only way to describe a day is to say, “today has been a whirlwind” meaning a lot of different things happened, one after another.
Maybe that’s how you see your week, your year, or maybe your life. As much as our lives can be a whirlwind, perhaps no better word can also describe the life of the biblical story of Elijah.
Elijah’s life was marked with boldness and despair, daring faith and intense fear, victory in the face of a nation, yet loneliness in the midst of despair. As much as his life was a whirlwind as a human, the book of James says he was “just like us.”
What we will see in our series “Whirlwind” will not be due to Elijah’s goodness and power but God’s greatness and might working through someone “just like us.” This fall, we are going to look into his life and see our whirlwinds as opportunities for God to use us in amazing ways.

Week 3 | I Don't Have to Look

Dave Barringer

Week 2 | The Place of Preparation

Dave Barringer

Week 1 | Reject All Knockoffs

Matt Ray

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