Her Voice

Women are essential in the Kingdom of God. They are a gift to the Church, yet, they have been largely underused or ignored. When the Early Church launched in the book of Acts, it was not just men who led the charge but it was women who also stepped up in leadership in ministry. 

Included in this category are:

– The first evangelists of the resurrected Christ were women. 

– Junia a minister with Paul (Rom. 16:7)

– Anna was a prophet(ess) (Luke 2:36), 

– Priscilla (Acts 18:26) with her husband Aquila taught. (It’s of note that the writer Luke lists Priscilla first, which may indicate she was the lead teacher of the two.)

– The deacon Phoebe (Romans 16:1) who also is believed to deliver and read Paul’s letter to the church. 

– Lydia, an early church leader and businesswoman (Acts 16:40).

– Paul’s salutations are littered with women who were essential to the ministry. 

The history of our denomination (Assemblies of God) is replete with examples of women who not only served in ministry but also led the charge on many fronts. Our Movement started with ladies stepping up as missionaries, evangelists, and church planters. They were aggressive, and they were prophetic and apostolic. And today, we (Kfirst) believe that every woman not only has a role in the Kingdom but has leadership potential.  

This series is about highlighting the calling and voice of women. Kfirst not only celebrates the role of women in ministry, but we actively encourage them to take leadership roles and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to make it simple for people to find and follow Jesus.

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