We all have a mode we get into when we are trying to accomplish something. You may put earbuds in to drown out noise. Maybe you find a place of solitude away from people and distractions. It’s all about positioning yourself to be productive without anything or anyone interfering with your goals or train of thought. I often wonder if we do that with God.
Without even thinking, we can get into a mode of life that we don’t wander from. There’s the weekly schedule, the daily grind, the monotony of life, and the weight of responsibilities. We can get so regimented in life that we lose our sensitivity to where the Lord is leading us.
As a church community, we are embarking on a six-week series with one goal and one prayer captured in one word: Interruption
Interrupt our status quo.
Interrupt our bias of what we think of the Holy Spirit.
Interrupt our hate (of ourselves and others).
Interrupt our plans.
Interrupt the things we feel captive to.
Holy Spirit, interrupt us and show us Your glory.

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