Off Script

Screenwriters spend a long time perfecting a film script. But sometimes the most iconic lines from the silver screen aren’t from the scriptwriter, but from an actor creatively ad-libbing. These iconic moments in movie history were “off script.”
“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” – Avengers Infinity War
“Here’s Johnny” – The Shining
“Here’s looking at you, kid” – Casablanca
The Joker’s slow clap – The Dark Knight
“I’m king of the world.” – Titanic
“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” – Jaws
“Off script” is an apt way to describe what happens in life. Stuff happens that strays us from the script we intended. That’s just how most of life is. It’s “off script”; completely unexpected and unplanned.
In June, we’re looking into the story of Ruth. It’s everything but the script that they planned for. The book of Ruth is a story where we see the beautiful script of God’s love engaging our “off script” lives.

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