Point of View

There is a beauty to the variety of authors in the Scriptures. Different voices, from different locations, spanning across centuries and cultures, all working together to speak an inspired and coherent voice of God’s redeeming love. This collective of writers helps sew together a majestic tapestry of God’s heart and passion for His people.
But when it comes to the 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), we are given a different textual approach than any of the other books. Instead of offering four distinct stories, we are given one story, spoken from four distinct perspectives, for four particular purposes, all with a specific audience in mind. Sometimes they shared similar stories, but other times they offered what no other gospel writer shares. You could say, each of the four authors penned the story of Christ from their point of view.
In its wisdom, the early church did not reduce the four accounts to one. They allowed these voices to speak alongside the others. This summer, we’re embracing that harmony. Join us as we gain a greater point of view of Jesus by drawing from the point of view of the four gospel writers.

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