Off Script

We’re looking into the story of Ruth. It’s everything but the script that they planned for. The book of Ruth is a story where we see the beautiful script of God’s love engaging our “off script” lives.


God created all of our emotions, including anger. However, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to express anger. We must learn to deal with anger in a healthy way so that it won’t control us and be a DANGER to us…

Easter 2019

One historic event changed everything. It changed the course of human history. And it can change your life.


Interrupt our status quo.
Interrupt our bias of what we think of the Holy Spirit.
Interrupt our hate (of ourselves and others).
Interrupt our plans.
Interrupt the things we feel captive to.
Holy Spirit, interrupt us and show us Your glory.

The Good Book

The Bible is much more than doctrine and narrative, history and prophecy. The Scriptures are an invitation to an experience of God.

Come join us as we look afresh at this ancient collection of books, and experience the God who speaks through it.


We don’t just attend a church and we don’t just tolerate the Church — we celebrate it, because we are part of that Church that Jesus is building.

True North

Journey into those words of the Old Testament prophets to see how they point toward this baby in a manger, the Savior we celebrate. Our prayer is that our lives, like these scriptures, will point toward Jesus, our True North.

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