To “spin” something is more than “to turn or whirl around an object quickly” (Websters). It’s a strategy for changing information.For example,  a “spin room” is an area where political information is directed towards a desired outcome. The “spin room” is where journalists can speak with politicians and/or their representatives after a debate. The name refers to the fact that the participants will attempt to “spin” or influence the information from the debate to benefit their own cause.Though this is a political tactic, it’s actually something people have done to the Scriptures for hundreds of years. A solitary or well-known Bible verse is read and “spun” in a direction to fit what the reader would like it to say or mean. Instead of seeing it in light of why it’s said in scripture, we “spin” it towards a direction that fits us best.In this series, our heart is not only to examine some of those familiar passages but also to equip ourselves to understand the Scriptures when we read them. The goal isn’t to “spin” the Scripture towards our heart but to “spin” our hearts towards Scripture.

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