The 13th Floor

In most buildings, the 13th floor doesn’t “exist.”
They skip the number 13 and go straight to 14. According to an article in USA Today, OTIS, the biggest manufacturer of elevators, reported that 85% of elevator panels skip the number 13.
But, as rational thought would dictate, hotels and buildings higher than 12 floors actually have a 13th floor, however, they hide it by simply calling it something else. In other words, though a 13th floor exists, it’s not seen or noticed.
I think faith is the 13th Floor. We don’t see it, but we know it’s there. For it to be seen, it needs to be accessed. We all know *of* faith, but to really *know* faith, we must *experience* faith. Faith is not only where we begin to follow Jesus, faith is how we grow in that journey.
This month, we’ll step onto the “13th Floor” as we walk together in this series on faith.


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