Trail Leader

Hitting the trail with a group of people is a fantastic way to strengthen friendships and get to know new people. While you’re putting in the miles, the person at the FRONT has a vital role in keeping the group together, focused, and safe. That person is known as the Trail Leader
A good Trail Leader will:
1. Keep an eye out for trail markers to navigate the journey.
2. Manage the group’s pace
3. Pause at crossings and junctions to regroup.
4. Recognize and maneuver through challenges.
That brings us to the Old Testament figure Moses. His story can be summed up as the story of a Trail Leader. His life is an epic tale of one who faces personal challenges while leading an entire nation along a journey of twists and turns, freedom and challenges, and, failures and victories.
Our series will follow this Trail Leader from the beginning of his path to the end.  We hope this series will not only help us come to know Moses, but see how the trail he follows speaks into our lives today.

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