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Water Baptism

Water baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. Baptism by water immersion is the way to publicly profess your faith in Jesus Christ.


We believe that the best context for our own spiritual growth is serving together. When we serve together we move beyond ‘what church can do for me,’ to what we can do to serve and minister to others. Serving is a not only a vital part of our own spiritual growth, but it’s also the context for impact on others.

Kfirst has many opportunities to serve. We’re passionate about finding out what people are passionate about and helping them find a team that fits them, where they can grow as they serve with others and make the most difference.


At the center of the Christian faith is a shared table. Communion is more than when we remember the body and blood of Jesus with the bread and wine. Communion extends beyond that and includes our communion with the body of Christ around the shared table of community.


Trainings came to be because of the question, “What do we want for people?” How can people be discipled, learn and grow at Kfirst?

Every training has discussion leaders and is organized around a unique curriculum that we have developed to be a springboard for discussion.

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