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A healthy church is only as healthy as its core.

And we call our core “Partnership.”


“Partnership” is the term we use to describe those who, not just refer to Kfirst as their home church,
but chose to be identified as core participants of the mission and vision of “
making it simple for people to find and follow Jesus.” 

A local church shouldn’t be a place where people have a voice because of their status as a “member.”
We believe people should have a voice because they’ve chosen to partner within that local church community.
Therefore, “Partnership” is not about perks and privileges like membership at a country club,
but about being actively involved with Christ and each other. 

Throughout the year, our Partners gather together at Partnership Summits.
This is a time for worship, prayer, and vision as we celebrate the faithfulness of God and look forward to what He has in store for Kfirst.

How do You become a Partner at Kfirst?

It takes 3 simple steps:

1. Complete “NEXT.”
Next is our Training on the mission, vision, and heartbeat of Kfirst.

2. Get involved in a Table or Team.
Let us help you find your fit.

3. Attend a Partnership Summit.
Come see what a Summit looks like. Worship with us, pray with us,
and consider being a part of the core of what Jesus is doing at              Kfirst.

4. Apply

Become a Partner

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