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A Shared Table

One of Jesus’ favorite ways to disciple people was around the dinner table. Sharing a meal with others meant they were accepted and welcomed by Christ and he would often use that space to challenge and encourage people to follow him to even greater heights.

For us, we believe this was not by accident but that Jesus’ propensity to eat with others is a model for discipleship that is viable today.

Next Gen Team

While hosting a table may seem daunting, it actually is very rewarding! We want to walk alongside each Table leader to help guide them in the process.

Not sure if you’re qualified to lead a table? Once again, a KFirst promoted table provides everything you need to host a table outside of a meeting place and core group of people. Discussions, readings, gathering plans, etc. are all provided through the Bible Engagement Project and can be tailored to fit your Table.

Everyone who signs up to host a table during our spring launch will be invited to a table host training to help equip each individual with the tools they need to get started.

Host a Table

Interested in Joining a Table?

Click on the button below to check out all of our Tables that are open for people to join.

Current Tables

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