Next Steps

Every Story Matters

We would love to hear your story or something that God has been doing in your life!

Welcome Lunch

Welcome Lunch is an opportunity for the staff at Kfirst to get to know you better. We also share information with you about our community values and the ministries that you can be a part of.



Serving is the easiest way to get involved at Kfirst! We are here to serve, not be served.
Everyone has a purpose and a place here. We are a community of opportunity.

Water Baptisms

Water baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. Baptism by water immersion is a great way to profess your own personal faith in Jesus Christ


Groups are an amazing way to get involved at Kfirst.
Check out the Groups wall after service in the back of the Worship Center.

We have a Ministry for you.

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