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Life is like mosaic art. A mosaic is a pattern or an image made of small pieces of colored stone, glass, or ceramic. Sometimes those fragments are shaped. Most of the time they’re just broken remnants of material that had been a shattered mess. But in the hands of an artist, that which was fractured now becomes a masterpiece. Although he was far from perfect, Scripture calls David a man after God’s own heart. God chose him out of obscurity to sit on the throne of Israel. Ultimately, it was through his lineage that our Messiah would come. David had his ups and downs, great accomplishments, and tragic failures, but we can learn a lot from his life. With the exception of Jesus, no other person in the Bible has more chapters written about them. Join us for our new series, “Beautiful Mess” as we explore David’s wins and weaknesses and discover what it means to live a life after God’s heart.

Week 1 | Carissa Wygant

Week 2 | Pastor Dave

Week 3 | Pastor Dave

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