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Days Without Incident

Have you ever seen a “safety scoreboard”? Safety Scoreboards are a way to track a company’s days without an incident or accident and encourages the employees to beat their best previous record. It’s believed that visually communicating a company’s incident-free workdays cultivates safety in the workplace.

But it only takes one moment to reset that clock. Just a single act that can take all of the “progress” made and turn the clock back to “0 Days.”

If there were a “safety scoreboard” internally that tracked the number of days that your emotions didn’t cause an “incident,” what number would that be? Would it be a large number? Or maybe, would it be set at 0 because it seems that, daily, our emotions can get the best of us. 

People struggle with the chaos that happens around them in their everyday lives. From dealing with co-workers to everyday traffic to the circumstances that wait at home, we are surrounded with challenges. But most of the time, it really isn’t the things on the outside that get “out of hand”; it’s what’s happening internally that gets the best of us.

God’s design and desire for us are that we would steward our emotions; to be emotionally connected and emotionally healthy people. That we would feel free to feel our God-given emotions and to allow them to help us connect our souls to the One who created us.

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