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The Room Where It Happened

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard that before after you’ve knocked on someone’s door or rang their doorbell. There’s something a bit awkward about accessing someone else’s home without them personally coming and opening up the door for you. Often, I’ll wait until someone appears to confirm that I have their permission to come inside.

I think we can treat the subject of the Holy Spirit in the same way. He (not “it) is available to you and me at any moment of any day. His presence is already with us and He desires to work in and through our lives daily. But for some reason, we think the Holy Spirit is reserved for a few. That only a handful of people get access to the room where He’s moving and working and the rest of us get to hear about it afterward.

The good news is this: because of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is available to ALL. You and I don’t have to wait to hear from someone else about what the Holy Spirit is up to. You and I can be in “the room where it happens.” This series is all about having an awareness of and having access to the Spirit of God. We desire to be a faith community that lives in, walks in, and operates in the move of God’s Holy Spirit. Join us in our new series, “The Room Where it Happens.”

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